Nantong Medical University


Nantong Medical University

Nantong Medical College founded 1912 is a provicinal model unit with in a garden campuslies in Nantong city JIANGSU PROVINCEwith the Yellow Sea to the east and the Yangtze River to the south. In may 2004 Nantong Medical College merges into the Nantong University.

After 93 years of arduous endeavor the college has developed into a multi-discipinstitplinary institution of higher learning with different admin–istrative levels. The college consists of the department of Modern Education and Technology the Department of Biological Technology the Department of Nursing the Second Department of Medicine the Third Department of Medicine the Fourth Department of Medicine and a Second Level Institute under civilian auspices Xinglin Institute and so on. Now there are 17 specialities in experimental unit of PG Program in Clinical Medicine.

The university is offering MS Programs in 20 specialities 55 teaching and research offices 3 research centers 7 affiliated hospitals 43 hospitals & sanitation & anti epidemic stations for teaching practice. The collage has teaching and Medical staff of more than 2300 & over 7200 students (300 P.G.) NMU has a faculty of 139 full professors 251 associate professors & 400 concurrent prof. The researches on neuro re-generation hand- surgery have got the leading findings at home and abroad. .The Province level key clinical departments are general surgery molecular Neurobiology Osteology Hematology Gastroenterology and Opthamology. The Collage has already established friendly academic relationship with many medical research institutions in Britain America Japan Korea and Canada since the implementation of reform and open door policy. The college library has a rich collection of books equipped with campus newspapers such as journal of Nangtong Medical College Journal of Jiao-tong Medicine and Nantong Medical College News-sheet. Food : Healthy & hygienically cooked food is available at the students dining hall . Plenty of vegetarian, non vegetarian, fruits & different milk products are easily available.

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