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Ilia State University was founded in 2006 as a result of a merger of six different academic institutions with long and varied histories. Currently, it is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia. Representing a union of students and professors, ISU is a multifunctional educational and research institution offering a common space for academic and professional education and research with the joint efforts of its students, professors, teachers and researchers.

The union is based on the three following principles:   

  • Academic Freedom
  • Freedom of Conscience
  • Freedom of Choice
MBBS in Georgia These principles are closely interrelated and interdependent: Students, teachers, professors and researchers are free to choose areas of study and research, as well as colleagues and supervisors to work with. No one has the right to forbid them from conducting studies on a certain topic or publishing research findings for political or moral reasons. Students and professors are free to choose any form of transparent and responsible self-governance they believe is best for the advancement of their union– the university–and its goals and objectives. Ilia State University mission is based on its values and vision. It clearly defines the university’s role in encouraging societal development, as well as its functions to be performed within the next seven years. The ISU mission is to generate, disseminate and apply knowledge to advance science and contribute to the society both at local and international levels. The ISU mission relies on the three following principles of unity: Unity of research and teaching; knowledge is generated and disseminated by the same individuals, while students are provided with an opportunity to engage in the creation of knowledge; Unity of general and specialized education: ISU is one of the first universities to have introduced significant elements of liberal arts into Georgia’s higher educational programmes, combining them with strict requirements for specialized education; Unity of the universal and local, which combines generating universally applicable scientific knowledge with regional, national and local focuses, and a clear understanding of the civic mission of the university. Why Study at ISU? Ilia State University welcomes around 5,000 freshmen every year at all levels of higher education. ISU strives to meet each student’s needs and help them reach their potential. Ilia State University equips its students with an all-round experience to provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence in order to achieve future career goals. ISU provides an advanced and dedicated academic community where the students can learn from experts and gain the qualification they are looking for. At Ilia State University, students can broaden their horizons through its multicultural environment, which will develop their interpersonal skills to face new challenges – and will have the opportunity to become involve in a wide range of engaging student activities, clubs and societies.
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