Merits of Studying MBBS & Becoming A Doctor Abroad

The trend of students travelling and obtaining the eligibility for becoming a doctor abroad is on the rise. Here’s why and the advantages of a degree from a foreign medical university.

Every year in India, around 15 – 16 lakh students apply for the National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET) to vie for a seat in India’s top medical institutions. All throughout India, there are only a meager 80,000 seats for obtaining a MBBS degree – that translates to only the top 5% of  students can secure a seat in a medical college in India.  This leaves the rest of the 95% of students without a medical college seat for studying MBBS in India. Therefore, the most popular alternative is students deciding to study abroad in medical universities outside India.

Opting for a MBBS or equivalent course outside India has a lot of benefits for aspirants seeking to become a doctor abroad. Here are 7 reasons why –

1. No entrance exams

Foreign medical universities do not usually have any entrance tests for admission. Students only need to produce their 12th grade or equivalent marks and qualify the NEET exam. Admissions are handed out on a first come first serve basis and preferably to students with a minimum of 75% or higher marks in their 12th class examination. This opens up more opportunities for students who have failed to obtain a seat through the NEET exam.

2. Lower cost of education

The education fees for students wanting to study in private colleges in India are astronomical. Medical universities abroad are offering scholarships along with affordable education fees which makes studying abroad an even more compelling choice.

If chosen wisely, the cost of living abroad for students can work out to be lower or equal to that charged by private Indian colleges. This is one of the main worries for Indian parents but they can rest easy knowing that studying a degree abroad is not expensive.

3. No gratuity/donation fees

If students are unable to get into government run institutes through NEET, they have to shell out high amounts of money towards donation/gratuity fees to obtain a medical seat in a private college. Foreign medical universities do not have the concept of taking donation/gratuity fees and thus aspirants for a MBBS/MD degree need not spend copious amounts to secure a seat.

4. More seats, easier admission

Students applying to medical universities abroad need not worry about lack of seats or opportunities. There are plenty of medical seats available abroad with a lot less competition.

5. International Outlook

A part of studying abroad is that the students get to interact and develop relationships with other students of multiple nationalities and cultures. Students might also pick up some of the local language which is always helpful. Studying abroad also helps in inculcating the ability to deal with all kinds of situations that they may have to deal with while practicing medicine.

6. Latest & Greatest

The level of education is very high abroad and students get to learn the uses of the latest advancements in technology and the newest medical practices. Foreign medical universities have better infrastructure and facilities which provide better convenience to the students.

7. The International Advantage

An international degree is also globally recognized. On completion of the degree, the student will have opportunities to work in the host country, option to return to India and work or choose to obtain a permit to work anywhere in the world. This affords a wider range of opportunities for the students to practice medicine. There are different teaching & practicing techniques followed by medical universities abroad which helps the student learn better.

The scope for pursuing a MBBS degree is on the rise and the reasons listed above only make it more favourable for becoming a doctor abroad. 

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